Original Show Tickets

08/05/1977: Original Show Ticket
10/07/1977: Original Show Ticket
10/21/1977: Original Show Ticket
01/25/1980: Original Show Ticket
10/19/80: Original Studio Ticket
10/21/80: Original Studio Ticket
02/22/1981: Original Show Ticket
10/13/1981: Original Show Ticket
12/08/1981: Original Show Ticket.
02/23/1979:The Ropers
10/03/1979:The Ropers
01/22/1980:The Ropers
Very rare ticket from October 16, 1981 of "Suzie" The New Suzanne Somers Show. Season 6 of Three's Company - the first without Chrissy - also started production in October 1981 and @suzannesomers attempted her own show with husband Alan Hamel.
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