Original Scripts

Season 1
S1. E1 - "A Man About the House." Audra Lindley's Script. Final.
S1. E3 - "Roper's Niece." Final.
S1. E4 - "No Children, No Dogs."
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Season 2
S2. E1 - "Ground Rules." Final.
S2. E8 - "Cyrano De Tripper." Mickey Ross's Script. Final.
S2. E9 - "Chrissy's Night Out." Final.
S2. E14 - "Three's Christmas." Final.
S2. E15 - "The Gift." Signed by Joyce Dewitt. Final.
S2. E19 - "Jack in the Flower Shop." Final.
S2. E16 - "The Rivals." First Draft.
S2. E21 - "Will the Real Jack Tripper..." Final.
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Season 3
S3. E1 - "Double Date." Final.
S3. E2 - "Good ol' Reliable Janet." Reviewed by the Broadcast Standard Practices. First Draft.
S3. E7 - "Chrissy and the Guru." First Draft.
S3. E8 - "Larry's Bride (Copy)." Signed by Richard Kline (Original).Final.
S3. E18 - "The Harder they Fall." Signed and used by John Ritter.
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Season 4
S4. E2 - "Love thy Neighbour." Used and Signed by John Ritter. Final.
S4. E3 - "The New Landlord." First Draft.
S4. E6 - "The Lifesaver." Final.
S4. E7 - "Old Folks at Home." Final.
S4. E10 - "The Loan Shark" Final.
S4. E11 - "The Love Barge." Final.
S4. E12 - "Ralph's Rival." Final.
S4. E13 - "A Black Letter Day" Final.
S4. 15 - "Larry Loves Janet." Final.
S4. E17 - "The Love Lesson." Final.
S4. E19 - "And Baby Makes Two" Final.
S4. E20 - "Jack's Bad Boy." Final.
S4. E21 - "Lee Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother." Final.
S4. E22 - "The Root of All Evil." Final.
S4. E23 - "The Secret Admirer." First Draft..
S4. E24 - "The Goodbye Guy." Final.
S4. E25 - "Jack's Graduation." Final.
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Season 5
S5. E3 - "A Hundred Dollars a What?" Final.
S5. E8 - "Jack to the Rescue. " Final.
S5. E11 - "Make Room for Daddy." Final.
S5. E15 - "In Like Larry." Final.
S5. E16 - "Teacher's Pet." Final.
S5. E17 - "And Baby Makes Four." Final.
S5. E21 - "The Case of the Missing Blonde." Final.
S5. E22 - "Honest Jack Tripper." Final.
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Season 6
S6. E1+E2 - "Jack Bares All". First Draft.
S6. E3 - "Terri Makes Her Move." First.
S6. E4 - "Gigolo Jack (aka Professor Jack)." Final.
S6. E5 - "Some of That Jazz." Final.
S6. E7 - "Lies My Roommate Told Me." First.
S6. E13 - "The Matchbreakers." Final.
S6. E14 - "The Holy Guest (aka Oh, Nun)." Final.
S6. E15 - "Maid to Order." First.
S6. E16 - "A Friend In Need." Final.
S6. E17 - "Hearts and Flowers." Final.
S6. E18 - "Urban Plowboy." Final.
S6. E20 - "Doctor in the House." Final.
S6. E21 - "Critic's Choice." First Draft.
S6. E22 - "Paradise Lost." Final.
S6. E23 - "And Now Here's Jack." Final.
S6. E24 - "Janet Wigs Out." Final.
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Season 7
S7. E1 - "A Night Not to Remember". Second Draft.
S7. E4 - "Extra, Extra." Final.
S7. E7 - "Cousin, Cuisine." Final.
S7. E8 - "The Brunch." Missing Cover Page.
S7. E20 - "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow." Final.
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Three's Company Poop Sheets. Season 1 - 7.
Script from S1. E1 of The Ropers. Signed by Norman Fell.
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