Original Scripts

Script Binders
Season 1

Original Budd Grossman Script Binder

Original Carol Summers Script Binder

Original Carol Summers Script Binder (Three's A Crowd)

S1. E1 - "A Man About the House." Audra Lindley's Script. Final.

S1. E3 - "Roper's Niece." Final.

S1. E4 - "No Children, No Dogs."

Season 2

S2. E1 - "Ground Rules." Final.

S2. E8 - "Cyrano De Tripper." Mickey Ross's Script. Final.

S2. E9 - "Chrissy's Night Out." Final.

S2. E10 - "Stanley Cassanova." Sound FX Crew Script. Final.

S2. E14 - "Three's Christmas." Final.

S2. E15 - "The Gift." Signed by Joyce Dewitt. Final.

S2. E17 - "The Babysitters." Sound FX Crew Script. Final.

S2. E19 - "Jack in the Flower Shop." Final.

S2. E16 - "The Rivals." First Draft.

S2. E21 - "Will the Real Jack Tripper..." Final.

Season 3

S3. E1 - "Double Date." Final.

S3. E2 - "Good ol' Reliable Janet." Reviewed by the Broadcast Standard Practices. First Draft.

S3. E7 - "Chrissy and the Guru." First Draft.

S3. E8 - "Larry's Bride (Copy)." Signed by Richard Kline (Original).Final.

S3. E18 - "The Harder they Fall." Signed and used by John Ritter.

Season 4

S4. E2 - "Love thy Neighbour." Used and Signed by John Ritter. Final.

S4. E3 - "The New Landlord." First Draft.

S4. E6 - "The Lifesaver." Final.

S4. E7 - "Old Folks at Home." Final.

S4. E10 - "The Loan Shark" Final.

S4. E11 - "The Love Barge." Final.

S4. E12 - "Ralph's Rival." Final.

S4. E13 - "A Black Letter Day" Final.

S4. 15 - "Larry Loves Janet." Final.

S4. E17 - "The Love Lesson." Final.

S4. E19 - "And Baby Makes Two" Final.

S4. E20 - "Jack's Bad Boy." Final.

S4. E21 - "Lee Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother." Final.

S4. E22 - "The Root of All Evil." Final.

S4. E23 - "The Secret Admirer." First Draft..

S4. E24 - "The Goodbye Guy." Final.

S4. E25 - "Jack's Graduation." Final.

Season 5

S5. E2 - "...And Justice for Jack." Revised Final Draft (Orange Colour). Suzanne Somers did not appear in this episode. This version (orange cover) has her lines in it but was never used as she didn't show for taping due to an apparent back injury.

S5. E2 - "...And Justice for Jack." Untaped version as Suzanne Somers did not attend the taping for this episode. Another script was used giving some of her lines to Joyce Dewitt and Don Knotts instead.

S5. E3 - "A Hundred Dollars a What?" Final.

S5. E8 - "Jack to the Rescue. " Final.

S5. E11 - "Make Room for Daddy." Final.

S5. E15 - "In Like Larry." Final.

S5. E16 - "Teacher's Pet." Final.

S5. E17 - "And Baby Makes Four." Final.

S5. E21 - "The Case of the Missing Blonde." Final.

S5. E22 - "Honest Jack Tripper." Final.

Season 6

S6. E1+E2 - "Jack Bares All". First Draft.

S6. E3 - "Terri Makes Her Move." First.

S6. E4 - "Gigolo Jack (aka Professor Jack)." Final.

S6. E5 - "Some of That Jazz." Final.

S6. E7 - "Lies My Roommate Told Me." First.

S6. E8 - "Eyewitness Blues." Final.

S6. E9 - "Boy Meets Dummy." First.

S6. E10 - "Dates of Wrath." Final.

S6. E12 - "Stranger in the Night." Final.

S6. E13 - "The Matchbreakers." Final.

S6. E14 - "The Holy Guest (aka Oh, Nun)." Final.

S6. E15 - "Maid to Order." First.

S6. E16 - "A Friend In Need." Final.

S6. E17 - "Hearts and Flowers." Final.

S6. E18 - "Urban Plowboy." Final.

S6. E19 - "Jack's 10." Final.

S6. E20 - "Doctor in the House." Final.

S6. E21 - "Critic's Choice." First Draft.

S6. E22 - "Paradise Lost." Final.

S6. E23 - "And Now Here's Jack." Final.

S6. E24 - "Janet Wigs Out." Final.

S6. E26 - "Mate of Each Other." Final.

Season 7

S7. E1 - "A Night Not to Remember". Second Draft.

S7. E2 - "Jack Goes to the Dentist." No Cover.

S7. E3 - "Diamond Jack." First.

S7. E4 - "Extra, Extra." Final.

S7. E7 - "Cousin, Cuisine." Final.

S7. E8 - "The Brunch." Missing Cover Page.

S7. E20 - "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow." Final.

Season 8

S8. E5 - "Alias Jack Tripper." Joyce Dewitt's Personal Script. First Draft


Three's Company Poop Sheets. Season 1 - 7.

Script from S1. E1 of The Ropers. Signed by Norman Fell.