Jack had his fair share of run ins with jealous boyfriends, angry thugs and money hungry mobsters. Sometimes Larry's antics would carry over to get Jack into trouble as well as if he didn't have enough of his own conflicts to avoid!  Here we look at (and rank) the most dangerous and most memorable thugs on the show!

Playground Stuff 

These run-ins are enough to make the list, but Jack's life was never really in any danger...

Jeff: Season 1 - Episode 5:  This big oaf of a sailor hits on Chrissy after telling his buddy how he enjoys the single life and taking women on cruises on his boat.  Jack tries to tell him to beat it, but it backfires and Jack crumbles.  He's never really in any physical danger beyond being threatened to have his teeth knocked out.  Fear Factor 1/5.


Elmo: Season 4 - Episode 12: Jack has some information on Chrissy's whereabouts but he stays tight lipped leaving Chrissy's boyfriend, Elmo, furious. He grabs Jack but doesn't really escalate past that. We later learn that Elmo is a gentle giant when Chrissy easily puts him in his place.

Battered and Bruised

These thugs keep the laughs going with a spinkle of worry for Jack

The Sister: Season 5 - Episode 9:  Even though this woman was looking for revenge against David Miller (who screwed over her kid sister and who Jack was impersonating to get a cooking gig), he got the brunt end of her impressive wrestling/karate moves. Being thrown around Angelino's Kitchen was enough to leave Jack battered and bruised but perhaps since we knew that it wasn't Jack that she was actually targeting, you didn't fear the worst for him! Thankfully she left after taking her revenge. 


The Bookie: In the very same episode, this mafia thug comes to "collect" from David Miller as well leaving Jack defenceless and regretting his decision to steal someone else's identity!

Steve: Season 6 - Episode 11: Jack gets put in an arm lock before Terri steps in and saves the day. Things escalate into a physical affair quickly making you worry for Jack's well-being as I remembered feeling surprised that this goon grabbed him and twisted his arm!  Fear Factor 2/5 but Terri quickly came to his rescue.


Biff Bower: Season 7 - Episode 16: Jack gets himself into the boxing ring with the rough and tough boxing star Biff Bower. Thankfully Jack has some experience of his own having boxed in the navy despite losing all of his matches. His trainer, Mr. Furley, doesn't help things when he ties together Jack's gloves and drinks all of his water. At least this fight is in a controlled environment, so we know Jack will likely be ok. Jack even goes on to knock him out!


Max: Season 5 - Episode 20: Terry Kiser debuts on Three's Company as the uber jealous boyfriend Max. He grabs Jack after karate chopping a solid wood chair in half and later, caves in Larry's locked apartment door showing his sheer power. Jack pretends to be dead just to have Max go away.


Harvey: Season 4 - Episode 6: Jack meets his dream girl at Harvey's Health Spa and unfortunately, he also meets Harvey who is the girl's over protective brother. When Jack unknowingly admits to Harvey that he is only at they gym to meet the girl, the cat and mouse game starts. At least Jack got a solid workout at the gym!


Jim Walsh: Season 2 - Episode 20: When Jack's ol' Navy pal unexpectedly drops in for a visit, Jack is in for much more than a casual reunion when he gets clocked on the jaw from his blind shipmate.  I found Jim Walsh really irritating and wish Jack could have socked him back!


Francis: Season 8 - Episode 13. Jack had his fair share of run ins with jealous boyfriends, but Francis seemed to be of a whole other breed. Big and tall in stature and his apparent lack of control seemed to put Jack in real danger of getting slugged - that is until Mr. Furley becomes the target!


Wally: Season 6 - Episode 17. Good ol' Larry always getting Jack into some kind of jam. It doesn't help that Mr. Furley drives the thug to Cindy's farm to confront Jack head on.  Jack does get knocked out - but not by Wally - but by Larry! 

Operator, give me the police

These guys mean business and Jack could be in some real trouble...

Mr. Canon: Season 6 - Episode 18: Jack comes face to face with Mr. Canon who no doubt is some kind of dangerous mafia boss who's well known around the Santa Monica area. He threatens Jack multiple times and there is a sense of unease whenever he interacts with Jack.  Even more so when Jack tries to ruin his favourite meal - linguine and clams -  in order to get fired! Thankfully Mr. Cannon loves how spicy Jack made them.


Big Eddie and Co: Season 6 - Episode 11: I have to admit that I was worried about Jack in this one when he accidentally wrestled a cop and ended up in jail.  Big Eddy immediately shows Jack who's the boss in the cell and has all of his cronies cornering Jack as well. 

Thankfully, they back off when they overhear that Jack beat up a cop!

The Winner.

Jack is lucky to live another episode!

Robber: Season 6 - Episode 8: Jack and Janet are held up at gun point while working at the Arcade Florist. They go to the police who put Jack on the front page of the local newspaper saying that he can identify the gunman. Naturally the gunman will want to eliminate Jack before he can be identified.  What makes this thug one of the scariest is that the police confirm that he has shot several people and is now looking for Jack. Definately feared the worst for Jack.  Fear Factor 5/5.