Three's Company Collection

  • Whose Line is it Anyway?

    One of my favourite things to collect! All original - no copies!

  • Tickets Here!

    A collection of orignal show tickets for Three's Company, the Ropers and others!

  • Sign here please...

    A collection of all things signed from cast and crew.

  • Where can I find more?

    One of my favourite things to collect although I don't have much. Original items from the cast/crew.

  • Extra! Extra!

    All press photos. All original. All awesome.

  • Anything good on tonight?

    A collection of TV Guides and Magazines throughout the lifetime of the show in chronological order.

  • Hey - did you hear?

    Mostly covers/clippings from gossip magazines.   How awesome.

  • Worth a Read!

    Come and Knock on Our Door by Chris Mann is awesome. See some other books with relative material - 

  • Pinup Girls (and Guy!)

    Not many were produced unfortunately, but here is what I have!

  • Topps

    A pretty extensive collection of all things Topps

  • One of a Kind

    One of a kind items used behind the scenes to produce your favourite collectables!

  • Show Decor 

    Some from the set, some are not. But I try to collect as many original staples from the show that I can

  • Apartment 201

    Check out this awesome, custom miniature diorama for Apt 201 that I had created!

  • Title Says it All.

    Things that don't fit into any other category! One of a kind items related to the show and cast

  • Be Kind, Please Rewind

    Original release VHS and DVD's!

  • Non Topps Cards

    We've already touched upon the Topps Brand Sticker Cards, so here's what else i've found!

  • Lookin' Sharp

    Whether they're t-shirt iron on transfers or actual t-shirts, find them here

  • Come and Knock on Our Door

    Sheet Music and Soundtrack!

  • Other items not related

    Sometimes I come across items that are not related to the show, but they kind of are. Check it out - 

  • Have a listen

    Listen to me answer some questions in my podcast debut!

  • Learn More

    Here's a cool little interview that I did for another huge Three's Company Fans site. Check it out

  • Global Appeal

    When a show is this awesome, items can spring up around the globe!

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