Friday the 13th Connection?

As a fan of the Friday the 13th series as well, i've noticed some former Three's Company characters appear in various movies in the series.  Even 2 former characters ending up in Friday the 13th Part 7 together!

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First Jack is accused of getting this woman pregnant, then she ends up being Tina's mom in Friday the 13th Part 7 - A New Blood. She also paired up in the movie with another former Three's Company character as seen in the next pic!

This guy can't catch a break. Always seems to be cast as a villain, first appearing in a couple of Three's Company episodes as a thug and then appearing in Friday the 13th Part 7 as Tina's crooked psychiatrist!

Reverend Snow ends up being a chaperone for students in Friday the 13th - Part 8 - Jason takes Manhattan!