In this area, check out some of the special guests who initially appeared and were then re-cast in different roles in later seasons!  My favourite is that the perverted, sex maniac Mr. Penrose who initially starred as Chrissy's boss, later re-appeared as Janets dad in a later episode! Ha!

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The couch in Apartment 201 also first appeared on Maude ibn 1975, then on Sanford and Son (with orange pillow and all!) in 1976 before becoming a staple on the Three's Company set. 
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Ok - before we begin, I have to add this one in somewhere. In the Season 3 episode, Jack Moves Out, they had an actress named Janet Wood play as Frances. Now we already know that Janet Wood (the character) already lives in the apartment but they brought in another Janet Wood to the show. During the end credits, why is Janet Wood (the character), touching the name Janet Wood (the actress). Confused yet?