In this area, check out some of the special guests who initially appeared and were then re-cast in different roles in later seasons!  My favourite is that the perverted, sex maniac Mr. Penrose who initially starred as Chrissy's boss, later re-appeared as Janets dad in a later episode! Ha!

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The couch in Apartment 201 also first appeared on Maude ibn 1975, then on Sanford and Son (with orange pillow and all!) in 1976 before becoming a staple on the Three's Company set. 
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First appearing as Cindy's demanding boss, Mr. Hadley in the Season 5 episode "Jack to the Rescue" , then coming back in the season 6 episode called "Hearts and Flowers" as Mr. Franklin, Janet's Boss! How did his balding reverse in 1 year? Usually having too many jobs takes its' toll on you physically and not the opposite!