In Episode #1, shortly after Jack enters the Kitchen, a microphone can be seen quickly moving at the top of the screen -

Microphone pops down from the ceiling

Microphone pops down from the ceiling

Microphone pops down from the ceiling

Microphone pops down from the ceiling - but i'm sure Mr. Roper doesn't appreciate the microphone making Helen's voice louder!

Microphone pops down during Jack's attempt to talk himself out of getting arrested in Chrissy's Night Out.

Set Goofs

Look how close the kitchen set is to the swinging door in Urban Plowboy. The kitchen set wasn't used in this episode, but they tried to fool us with this illusion!

In "Jack Moves Out" the cameras pan out when he sits on the couch and it looks like the top of 3 director's chairs in the foreground!

In the episode called "The Rivals" something doesn't seem right when Ms. Roper stands in the doorway of the girls bedroom. The close background doesn't make sense as the open living room should be behind her!

First we have a full shot of the kitchen and then later in the episode, a set change has a new counter top installed!

What did Mr. Roper do to the kitchen? First he was fixing the faucet and then when he leaves it looks like he blew out an entire wall in there! Ha!

This guy is so tough that he smashed the wall out beside the fridge!

The kitchen set wasn't used in "Days of Beer and Weeds" - (which is one of my favourite episodes by the way) - so in the split second when Janet is seen coming out of it, we can see the false wall where the cupboard and fridge should be and the unfinished floor. Second pic is from a different episode for comparative purposes only -

At least they threw in the fridge for this quick kitchen shot!

The Kitchen set was also not used in Urban Plowboy - so when Cindy comes bursting through the kitchen door, you can see that the kitchen does look quite right! Where's the sink, cupboards, countertop, etc? The second pic is for comparison reasons only in a different episode -

Set lights can be seen above the top beam!

What's in the room next door? The adjoining room can be seen for a quick second in this scene -

Where is she running??? We know there are no bedrooms or other areas to the left of the wall - she runs off set!

The end of the set can be seen in this pic -

End of the set can be seen in this pic!

Here Jack falls down drunk at the end of Stanley Casanova (Season 2) and the edge of the set can be seen -

In this scene, Jack, Janet and Larry are chatting in the living room and the front door is open. A second later, it's closed as Mr. Furley is outside ringing the doorbell -

Here Jack takes 1 small bite of Coq au vain made by Janet and a split second later, in the next shot, it looks like all 4 of them devoured everything in the pot as it's almost all gone!

In the episode titled "And Now Here's Jack," Janet is initially holding an empty bowl, the camera cuts to Mr. Angelino and the host of the show and seconds later when they resume showing the gang, Janet's bowl is miraculously filled with fresh salad!

As Terri leaves Jack's bedroom, you can see that the girls bedroom is gutted. You can even see either Jack's or Janet's arm moving to the very left where the wall is missing!

In season 8, Episode 5 (Alias Jack Tripper), the kitchen set wasn't used. When Janet walks into the "kitchen" the door swings open and there's no set there! But what you can see is 2 people standing in the distance with their backs turned!

Hey, wait a minute...

It could just be me, but the chair in the background of Jerry and Pumpkin's living room in the S2, E17 show "the Babysitters", looks awfully familiar to the chair that we only ever see in the kids apartment once in the S5, E20 episode "Dying to Meet You." We never see it again after this because jealous boyfriend Max obliterates it!

Here's what the kids' bathroom door in the apartment looked like. The very recognizable inlay design. This pic used as reference for the next one...

In the Season 7 episode "A Night not to Remember" something doesn't quite look right with the bathroom door....

At the end of the episode, we find out why! Janet blasts Jack through the door when he confesses to her that he thought they had "spent the night together" when he had a little too much to drink!

In the episode "A Camping We Will Go," Larry's date can be seen standing outside waiting for her cue to enter (you can see her pink dress in the window!)

Where is she running??? We know there are no bedrooms or other areas to the left of the wall - she runs off set!


Janet can be seem holding a razor blade in this scene whereas it was Chrissy who was supposed to pop it with her shaving blade -

Jack falls back onto a crash pad/mat that is seen shifting as he lands on it. Gotta protect that back Jack!

In this scene, the box falls off of the couch and then re-appears back on the couch mysteriously!

In the Season 8 Episode "Jack Takes Off", after he takes a bite of the banana and fumbles around with it, he buries it flat on top of the other banana. A split second later, the banana is sitting upright and the eaten banana is off to the side.

Hard to tell in the pic, but a strange shadow appears moving over the orange chair -

In this clip, Larry has gone to grab some towels for Mrs. Roper and Janet and you can see the yellow towel moving behind the corner where he is waiting for his cue to enter.

When Chrissy finally closes her suitcase, her blue blouse is sticking out of the left side. The doorbell rings, they talk to Ms. Roper and now the blue blouse is sticking out on the right side (the suitcase handle is also flipped over). The orange pillow is also on the other side of the couch now -

Oh Mr. Roper. You tried and failed with your card trick in Three's Christmas. Ms. Roper even pulled off some magic of her own. Initially showing Roper the 2 of Clubs and then when he walks over to get the card from her, it looks like either a Jack, Queen or King! Joke's on you Roper!

In this video I uploaded, when Mr. Roper leaves, you can hear the door close and then a few seconds later, another loud door closing sound is heard coming out of nowhere!